Exhibiting Advice - 10 Cunning Ways To Make Sure You Sell More At Your Stand

If your company has ever exhibited, you will know that it can be fun and hopefully productive. In addition, it can be very exhausting as you invite people onto your stand to learn more about what you do and who you are. It can be difficult to continue sounding fresh while using the same pitch on prospect after prospect. It is for this reason that you will want to ensure your stand is professional looking and that your staff are properly trained so that they can vary their script enough to make the exhibition more interesting for them as well. This training will also be useful when they return to their normal work environment and engage people on the phone or face to face. Planning your stand can go a long way toward having a successful exhibition for you and your staff.

Step 2 - Create a Wins Book. Get a scrap book and start collecting all the good feedback you can. Photocopy all your certificates, copies of reports from any event when you did good, testimonials from clients, friends, anyone who writes to you and says "Hey! That was great thank you, you have really helped me." Have you set up a new club - it's a win. Lost 28 lbs at Weight Watchers - put the 4 silver sevens in your win book, together with an after picture. Delivered an outstanding speech, get a testimonial, ran a successful Exhibition Stands Dubai - get a picture. DO YOU GET THE PICTURE!! Create a book of all the positive and wonderful things that have happened in your life and keep it going. Then before you have to speak, get the book out and read it.

When you design your display panels bear this in mind. When you get them designed a good supplier can help you with this aspect of exhibition stands. By working with an experienced supplier, together you can come up with the most effective display panels to get your here message across quickly and clearly.

You could run a breakfast seminar an Exhibition Stands Designers information evening a lunchtime briefing a half-day workshop or any other type of session. The important thing is to structure your event to suit your target market.

This would indicate two things: at the exhibitions visited by the researcher 48% of the staff were doing their job badly and 50% weren't doing it at all!

Transport. The whole stand, together with any literature, furniture and flooring as well as your products will need to be transported to and from the show.

12. Have a follow up procedure for leads. Perhaps the most important item on the list, because if follow up is not done correctly, the exhibition will be a wasted effort.

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